Don't get fooled by scam companies

If you have read my previous article, you already know what car advertising is all about and how you can easily make money by simply driving your car or how you can get a new car for free. If you haven't, please go read it, so you will get more familiar with the concept.

Unfortunately, there are always people trying to make money out of others' naivety, promising quick solutions for their problems, in exchange for a small fee. We call that "scam".

While even serious companies have to perceive a fee from people joining such programs, there are a lot of fake ones which are only interested in the money they get. After joining such scam programs, people are usually provided a list of old, mostly dead links to other scam websites in the same network. No need to talk about the "100% money back guarantee"...

So how can you avoid making the same mistake as these people?

Thankfully, there is a website called Web Trade Bureau where people can request the verification of any website that provides services or merchandise in exchange for money. According to the Web Trade Bureau, there have been investigated a total number of 174 sites that provide car advertising services, out of which only 5 are to be trusted. This means that more than 97% of the websites promoting car advertising are scams!

Anyway, after doing a little research on my own (Google actually :D), I shrank the list to only 2 websites. Apparently, the other 3 trusted sites have received a number of complaints regarding the promptitude of the services they provided, the money back policy, data organization or the small sum of money offered by the companies they promote (as far as my research went - forums, blog comments, blog posts etc).

As it was expected, these also ask for a joining fee of about $30, but unlike scam companies, this money goes into the salaries of the people that are working on providing an up to date car advertising database.

I personally was a little reticent at first thinking I could lose my money, despite all the good things I had read about them. That’s when my wife took the initiative and paid the registration fee out of her pocket (her credit card, actually).

All I can say it that I am really grateful she did that! Nowadays, she gets a $650 check every month, while I make an extra $400 per month. That’s $1050 every 30 days, and we have been doing this for more that 8 months!

The agency I registered with is Free Car, so I know they are serious and provide excellent services (that is why I highly recommend it!). The other company is Car Solution, which, according to the Web Trade Bureau, is slightly better than Car Solution.

In order to provide an honest review, I also signed up with Free Car a couple of months ago. In terms of database organization and costumer support, I have to agree with the Web Trade Bureau: they are better than Car Solution. I also recommend them if you want to get a free new car. You will be able to choose from more than 100,000 available cars!

But, talking money, I will certainly stick with Free Car, as they provide better offers.

You can make this money too, or even get a free new car. All you need to do is take action!