Car advertising

I guess I should start by saying that my name is Richard Alex McCarthy and about 9 months ago my wife and I registered with a company that offered everyone who wanted to join, a monthly salary, just for driving their car as they usually do. Now I receive a $400 check a month, while my wife gets $650 at the end of every month.

The company we signed up with is Free Car, but there are a few other trustful agencies. From my economic point of view, it was the smartest $30 I've ever spent! There are T-shirts that cost more than that!

What is this all about?

The concept is actually pretty simple. All you need to have is an age above 18 and a driver's license. In case you already own a car, there are companies which will pay you even up to $3200 a month just to have their ads placed on your car. If you don't have a car, but you wish you did, or even if you simply don't consider your own car cool enough, the same companies will be glad to provide you with a brand new car, already wrapped in advertisements. All you will need to worry about are gas money and car insurance.

After taking this first step, all you need to do next is drive your car as you normally do: to school, to your job, to the mall etc.

What kind of advertisements will they put on?

Well, there's no need for you to worry about this. The ads these companies provide are created by good designers, so there
will be no shame in carrying them around. Even more, you will be able to choose the kind of advertisement you want on, or the kind of car you would like to drive.

Normally, there are 3 types of ads you can choose from, influencing the sum of money you will receive at the end of the month:

- ads that cover 1/4 of your car
- ads that cover 1/2 of your car
- ads that cover 3/4 of your car

Around the world, there are already more than 2 million people making extra cash this way, even though the concept is relatively new.

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