Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does this work?
Whether you choose to join Free Car or Car Solution, both companies will help you take all the steps needed to get paid or get a new car.

2. I already have a car. Can I get a new one?
Yes, but you will have to make the advertising car your primary car and you will be the principle driver.

3. I'm not a US resident. Can I still participate?
It depends. The two programs are currently available in the following regions: United States, Canada, UK, France and (only for Free Cars) Spain.

4. What if the car gets damaged, vandalized or stolen?
In this case, you will have to contact the sponsor company to help you get back on the road.

5. How long do I get the free car for?
Depending on the sponsor company, anywhere between 2 and 5 years.

6. How long do I get paid for?
Depending on the contract, anywhere between one month and 2 years.